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The innovation from Carinthia - MADE IN AUSTRIA


The body is warmed up, the chainsaw cuts, the work is fun and things go a little further. A cut in a nail, in the ground, a stone and the saw will not cut anymore. You have to stop work and that sucks. If I have a spare chain with me, I can continue relatively quickly. If not, I have to drive home to file the chain as this requires fixing the bar. A lot of time and nerves are lost...

It didn't leave me alone until I found a satisfactory solution. You will be glad
to have HIM with you ! With the new file key I can file the chainsaw on site!

The file wrench: It combines a chainsaw wrench, screwdriver and file block in a single tool!

Chainsaw wrench for fixing and
  To loosen the sword or to unscrew the spark plug , slotted screwdriver  for tensioning the sword and various adjustments such as the oil dosage and also as a filing block , hammered into the wood with a screw for fixation.

The filing key is therefore a chainsaw key, with the additional option of fixing a sword in the forest to file the saw chain!

To the application  only a min. 6mm hole is required in the chainsaw bar, which already exists in most commercially available swords! 

The file key is a high-quality , solid key made of galvanized steel . The handle has a diameter of 8 mm, and the welded tube is also solid with a wall thickness of 2 mm and can therefore be easily processed with an axe. The handle of the screw is made of polyamide, an impact-resistant and extremely wear-resistant plastic. The screw is color-coded to make it easier to find lost screws.
The pressed-in round nut, made of stainless steel, is additionally glued!

Technical specifications:

2 types:

13/16 mm (Sweden type)
16/19 mm (Germany type)

Length 180mm
Width 70mm
Galvanized steel / stainless steel


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